Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Silly Little Creatures, or Not?

I'm writing this with one idea in my mind, one idea only. Are fish stupid and unnecessary creatures? Many think they are. And why? Probably because they had them home in their pretty little aquariums or they saw them in someone else’s aquarium or they saw them in some sea world, I don’t know. After all of that, after seeing and watching them for some time, you can’t but start thinking how ridiculous they are.

All that they do is go around in circles in their little tanks opening their mouths at same intervals without even blinking. When you look into their eyes they have to remind you of some retarded look made by someone. The only thing that lacks is that they start drooling like retards. All fish remind me of Patrick star from Sponge Bob. Or even better, all those fish bystanders with their heads looking at the sky and all of them look so silly that I always laugh just by seeing them. You know what I mean? I thought that everyone has seen or at least heard of Sponge Bob. If not, I’m sure that you can see that retarded look on their faces once you've looked close enough and paid attention to it.

It’s so silly that you shouldn't even consider calling it a face. Who knows what it is. Who even cares!? It’s just an animal which can’t even hurt us or do anything bad to us, or do anything to us for that matter. The only good thing that can come out of it is making it our food, and even that isn't really satisfactory. Alright, it has at least one good substance, iodine, which is good for our brains, specifically our memory. They always say to students that they should eat fish before exams because they’ll be able to remember more, and it is true. So I guess this is one good thing about them. But it barely has anything else and you can’t even get full from eating just that – you always have to eat more besides the fish. Another funny thing that I have always wondered about is why it is like this – in Christianity, when they are fasting and are not allowed to eat anything that comes from an animal – they are allowed to eat fish! What’s up with that? It’s like the biggest religion in the world is telling us that we shouldn't even think of fish as animals. That’s one way to look at it, right?

Anyway, they seem to be not good enough for eating, but that’s not what the Japanese seem to think. They eat fish in huge quantities. Just like we all now the Chinese for the rice consumption, we know the Japanese for their sushi or other fish related products. And, besides that, they are leading manufacturers of fish. They have thousands of boats going out every day to catch fish. They catch it in such large quantities every day and yet the fish are still there, they are not extinct, or something like that. When the Americans started moving west and started hunting buffaloes, it didn't take long before the buffalo was almost completely gone, and these were the animals that used to rule the large plains in the center of the USA. So one can conclude through this that the fish are like vermin, you can’t even destroy them, not that we want, but if we did want, we probably would never be able to do it.

They reduced the number of whales you say, because of the hunting all over the planet? Well my friend, whales are not fish, they are mammals, so you can throw that theory through the window.

Besides this, everyone loves dolphins and consider them very intelligent and human-friendly. But they too are not fish, but mammals as well. I seem to be onto something maybe?

Or, maybe not. How many of us keep fish at home? Too many probably. They are one of the favorite animals to keep as pets, after cats and dogs obviously. No one can replace those furry, cute little animals and man’s best friends. So, how can they be stupid, unnecessary and all of that, when so many people keep them? There must be something amazing about them, since we actually do love them, even though they look retarded.

I think that not much is needed to be said to make it obvious why we love them. They make us relaxed with their grace in their movement. They may be going around in circles, but they do it with such grace, that it is amazing. Besides that, they may look retarded, but they are the sole rulers of the seas, and the seas cover most of our planet, and like I said, even if we wanted to exterminate them, we wouldn’t be able to do it. That does not make them vermin, but very strong creatures actually, since they can withstand the human tyranny.

Those mammals from the sea, which we consider so amazing, wouldn't even be there if it weren't for the fish. They depend on them, the same way each nature’s creature depends on some other. All of them are a part of one greater circle, a chain if you will, and a chain would break if you were to take only one ring out of it.

Besides that, it is so easy to keep them, since they are one of the animals that don’t ask for much, if at all. When you get an aquarium, you only need to get some filters and whatnot, just in order to keep the water clean and fresh, and you need some food, which you don’t need to give them too often. You can get a lot of decorative items for the aquarium, lights, heating, some scenery like castles, sand, etc, yet all of these things are optional, the fish don’t need them – it is more for our pleasure. Because we love how pretty, graceful and peaceful they look in their little tanks, we like to embellish their surroundings. They really do deserve our love.


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