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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Home Design Tips – Aquariums

It is only natural that, when you are working on improving the design of your living environment, you will take into consideration various aspects. Some people spend a lot of time in choosing the right colour for wall tiles in every room, while others worry about which furniture they like or don’t like. In essence, you should make your home design be your own personal statement. When someone walks in it for the first time, he or she should be able to establish a valid opinion about your personality (and this is something that most people do). So, you should try and personalize your home environment, because you want people to have something nice to say about you, and, above all, you should make sure that you find your home to be pleasurable and relaxing place, since, that way, you improve your overall quality of living. When you do this, you will come to realize that coping with everyday obligations is becoming much easier.

I have been working on my interior design for a long time. I have added loads of ornaments, and I have hung many interesting pictures on my walls. I have painted my rooms the way I like, and I have bought all the necessary furniture and electrical equipment. But, there was still something missing.

I noticed that my apartment was lacking missing a very crucial component. Since, in the 21st century, everything is oriented around an urban environment, with big apartment buildings and loads of corporate edifices, people have lost one of the most important aspects of human life, which is one’s contact with nature. So, I got myself some interesting plants and I put them all over the house. This helped, but not to an extent that I was hoping for.

Then I started thinking about pets. Now, I am a person that doesn't like a mess, and I want all my things to be at their place. So, if I were to buy a dog, for example, I would not be satisfied. While I was aimlessly walking down the street I saw a store that sells fish and equipment forfish-keeping. I was amazed with what kinds of aquarium designs are present nowadays. They make traditional looking marine aquariums and fish tanks that are in the shape of bowls or cuboids, but they also have rather interesting and modern designs. I have come to realize that, by purchasing an aquarium, you do not only get yourself a piece of the animal kingdom in your home, but you also get a very stylish home decoration. 

I thought that fish-keeping is very difficult, because I thought that you have to do all sorts of maintenance errands, but modern aquariums take care of themselves, more or less. Naturally, you have to do things like changing the water from time to time, and adjusting the water temperature as well as the water chemistry to make sure that your fish feel like they are in their natural environment. This is done to insure that the fish have a normal life span.

So, I purchased a big aquarium that has very impressive looking artificial lighting, and has a number of plants and pebbles inside. I also got numerous types of beautiful-looking fish of various colors and sizes. When I placed the aquarium in my living room, I knew that that the design of my home was complete.

After work, the next day, I got home late. It was a very hard day and I was very tired. When I got in, my new aquarium was lighting up the whole room, and while I was lying down on the sofa to relax a bit, I got the feeling that I was in the bottom of the ocean, enjoying perfect peace and quiet. The feeling was extraordinary.

After some time, I came to realize that people that keep fish are considered to be both sensitive and successful, which is, in my opinion, a good combination. An aquarium contributes to “making a statement” (mentioned in the beginning of this article) in this way.

To sum up, I hope that my experience has helped you in some way. Nevertheless, after reading everything stated above, you can conclude that an aquarium is a good investment. In some cases, it is the final touch that has to be done, in order to make your home look perfect (just like in my experience). So, feel free to ask around, or search the internet, for additional information. I promise you that you will be amazed with some aquarium designs, and you will start planning your budget so that you can get one for your home. By getting in touch with nature, I promise, you will get in touch with yourself. So, get going, and good luck. 

The Advantages of Having a Fountain

It is a very common issue if having a fountain is in any way beneficial for you. Lots would say it’s just a waste of money and time. But, water fountains do not only provide a great accent to your office or home, but also to beauty and many health benefits, believe it or not. Imagine yourself chilling in your back yard with your eyes closed, exhausted and stressed, ready for your five minutes of meditation next to your fountain. The nice sounds that the water produces may provide a sense of being in some natural environment, beneath the waterfall or next to the river flowing by. It’s all up to your imagination. In next couple of passages, I’m going to concentrate on some interesting advice and information I've got and many different benefits of owning a fountain, trying not to include only the well-known facts. Now, do me a favor and take a look at this fountain: 

Interior and exterior décor

It doesn't really meter if you’re looking for an indoor or an outdoor fountain. Adding an instant beauty to your environment is something I guarantee will happen. Whether it’s a tabletop fountain, a garden fountain or a large-wall fountain you've decided on, showing off your style and sense for decoration is surely to be provided. A wall fountain can usually be seen in an office or at some reception desk in a hotel, but I personally think it can look even better and really classy in your own home. Still, designers tend to use wall fountains as main point when arranging commercial and residential locations. Many landscapers and architects also use indoor and outdoor fountains in designing landscapes andbuildings. So, you can just imagine how it all will look when you get to decide on design issues and the placement of the fountain. It will make you feel like you have just spiced up your décor a little bit, for sure.

Five minutes of meditation

When it comes to health benefits, water fountains are something to be highly recommended. All of us have stressful moments in our lives, and to get some relief at the end of the hard day would be a really noble thing. It’s not that it will bring relaxation to yourself only, but also to the whole environment you live or work in. It can be good for your favorite room, garden, patio or office, because that’s a place you would like to relax in the most. If you do a little research to find your perfect fountain, look for the one that’s too overbearing or not producing sounds, but the one that produces nice sounds similar to the sounds of water in the natural environment. Make sure that your fountain of choice has an adjustable pump so you can regulate the flowing of the water just the way you like it.

Natural moisturizer of air

Fountains act as some kind of humidifiers or moisturizers of air in a dry room. Mechanical moisturizers often produce loud and uncomfortable sounds, but with a fountain in your room you won’t have such problems. They humidify the air while you sit or lay somewhere near and enjoy the calming sound of running water. Humidifiers can usually get mold and evoke problems you don’t need, while a fountain is filled up with water that moves constantly and it will not develop mold as often as mechanical devices. If you have plants inside your home, fountainswill provide extra humidity and help you grow your plants properly. It’s not only good for your plants, but for your animals, too. If you own a dog or a cat, they can come and drink water from the fountain whenever they want. But, always make sure that you haven’t put any harmful chemicals into the water!

Air pollution in your home

Since we happen to be living in an electronic world, there are many objects that produce negative ions in our environment. A fountain inside your home or office can improve the air and reduce the air pollution caused. Negative ions attract dust and water fountains purify the air. So, it’s not only improving your mental, but your physical health, too.


In conclusion, having your own fountain isn't such a bad idea at all. It gives freshness and beauty to your environment, whether it’s your home, garden or office. It’s such a shame that this industrial and corrupt world forces us to buy ourselves a fountain instead of already having it all. But, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! Maybe, purchasing a fountain is a useful investment and a fight-back to world’s constraint.

Keeping Fish for Beginners

If you’re a total beginner when it comes to petting fish, but you've decided to pet some, I’m here to give you some advice about the main things you’ll need. First of all, you have to think over the reasons that made you keep fish. If you think of it as a “job” that doesn't require time and responsibility, then you’re not the one to do the job. Keeping fish surely can be considered the least demanding activity, but still, it requires some attention and commitment. I don’t want to underestimate you by making statements like the one in the previous sentence, but it somehow happens that people forget to do all the petting, although it’s not much, and end up with dead fish floating in their aquariums. I’m sure you wouldn't want that to happen. 

On the other hand, if you’re a person that enjoys colorful images for instance, then you’re the one to keep fish, with just a little effort you’ll have to put in. You may have a chance to possess a living picture that constantly moves and brings relaxation into your life. It really is relaxing and extremely interesting to observe life that goes on right in front of you. It can send you back to the days when you were a kid and evoke some emotions that you had probably forgotten about. In the text that is about to be written, I’ll try to concentrate on how often you’ll have to change the water and feed the fish, choose them, also the choice of light and aquariums, and of course the right temperature of the water and the decoration of the fish’s environment. So, if you’re willing, continue on reading this article, because I’ll be precise and concise in giving advice to you who are beginners.

Aquarium size depends on the number of fish you have, but also on their sensitivity to change of nitrogenous waste and their temperament. It is a lot easier to keep a big aquarium clean, than a small one. The big aquarium is also more flexible when it comes to rapid changes in temperature and water chemistry. Since you’re a beginner, the best option for you when it comes to buying an aquarium is the medium sized one. If you have budget problems, and you’re thinking over a small one with expensive fish, and a medium one with not so fancy fish, you should go for the second option, definitely. As a beginner, you can’t handle these pricy fish because of the lack of experience. 

Changing the water is something you’ll have to do despite all the strong mechanical, chemical and biological filtration existing. Since we constantly bring in a lot of new nutrients by feeding our fish, it’s hard for an aquarium to become a perfectly balanced ecosystem. As a beginner, it’s good for you to choose sturdy beginner species that require changing 30% to 50% of the water once in a week. It might be a little messy at first, but by repeating this action, you’ll learn to do it without making any mess and with a minimal amount of spilled water. If you keep on changing that 50% of the water once in a week, you’ll solve the usual beginner’s problem such as over-feeding the fish. If tap water is the only one you have, you’ll need to first keep it in a bucket for a little while until the chlorine is gone, or use a dechlorinator to do it faster.

Feeding the fish requires a little research done to find out which food a certain specie needs. For common beginner’s species, flake food is a good solution. You can even use your own fruit files. If you keep bottom species, it’s not a good idea to use flake food because it probably won’t even reach the bottom. But, if you get sinking pallets or similar, you’ll cope with the needs of the bottom species. The algae-eaters won’t be pleased only by eating algae, but would like to be provided with some vegetable based foods. It’s better to feed your fish a few times a day rather than only once a day. But make sure to give them only as much as they can consume within 5 minutes. If you’re not around for few days, you won’t have to sip extra food, because there are always some leftovers for your fish. If you give them some extra food, you’ll only end up with fouled water, and that’s something you really don’t need.

The temperature depends on species and their needs. Do a little research about your species, and you’ll find out just the right temperature. Generally, it’s important for the temperature to be stable. Fish love to hide, so make sure you provide them some aquatic plants. Since you’re a beginner, choose adaptable and sturdy fish species, because you’ll handle it easier. Later on, if you improve in fish-keeping  you can have more delicate fish species.

To finish this article, I’ll add that keeping fish is actually really interesting and creative because it’s different from any other pet. If you choose to improve and get skills in fish-keeping  you’ll have a lot of fun and colorful time!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aquagarden Barracuda Pond Pump

The Aquagarden Barracuda is a filtration type pump. It is great for fish pond filters, especially in dirty water. The cage at the front doesn't have any sponge, so all the particles that are big enough to fit will go through and not get caught up or damage the pump. Because pond pumps sit at the bottom of the pond they get exposed to all sorts of debris, anything from insects to branches and leaves, and this setup – the big wide grill without a sponge – will require less maintenance overall, because it is easier for these materials to simply go through. It can, in fact, handle particles of up to 6 mm in size. This pump can be both submerged and run in line outside of the pond. These characteristics make it ideal for use in polluted water – if you are not experienced and/or had bad contractors and your pond ended up being quite a mess, this pump can help bring it back to life, giving you another chance to create a truly beautiful pond.

The Baracuda uses non-corosive ceramic bearings that ensure a flawless operation over a longer period of time, and has a high quality Vortex impeller. There is a threaded inlet and a threaded outlet on top of which sits another component that adds a lot to the overall efficiency, a ball joint for adjusting the outlet of the hose to various positions without getting a 90o turn that would slow down the flow of water. The next part are the hose tails, they are made to fit different sized hoses and are easily attached to the ball joint. The way they work is quite simple, there are several widths, starting from the narrowest and cascading to the widest – looking sort of like a wedding cake – and if you have a hose that is a little wider, you can simply take a saw and hack off the narrower parts, leaving you with the perfect size hole. All of these components (the cage, ball joint and hose tails) can be removed by unscrewing a screw, making disassembly and maintenance an incredibly easy task to perform. Four screws at the back hold the impeller cover, so from time to time in addition to scrubbing of the cage and cleaning out the tubes, you can take the cover off and give it a more thorough cleaning, although this is not something you will need to do often. The impeller behind this cover is an open type impeller, which means that it doesn't have sharp edged blades and is able to pass larger pieces of debris without them clinging to it – so additional clean up will rarely be needed, but it is easy to do should the need arise.

Regular maintenance is essential for any machine to keep functioning properly, so you should make a mental note to clean up your pond pump from time to time. For the first few days the pump will be working at optimal levels and you will be able to get a feel of how everything looks when it’s running at 100%, so after a few weeks or a month if you look at your pond and you get the feeling that it’s getting dirtier, you will know it’s time to do some cleaning.

The Baracuda pond pump is also equipped with a thermal safety overload switch. You see, what usually happens if you haven’t been cleaning your pump regularly is it gets clogged up, the water flow will slow down, the pump will start heating up, and at a certain point it will burn out. This means you now have to replace your pump. With the Baracuda once the temperature gets too high it will automatically shut down to protect itself, just like a computer that is overheating. The models range from 3600 lph to 25000 lph, so the time it would take an unattended pump to heat up and shut down will vary depending on the model.

The sight of a dirty pond can leave a bad impression of you to your neighbors and visitors – you wouldn't want your colleagues to think you are some kind of swamp monster when you invite them over for a dinner. That is why you need a good, sturdy pond pump that will get the job done and require as little maintenance as possible no matter how dirty the water, and the Barracuda has got your back on this one.

Red Sea Max Marine Aquarium - Perfect Simplicity

There are quite a lot of people out there who are more than willing to pay for all the bells and whistles and get themselves a very good quality marine aquarium, but even then they are faced with a big problem: it takes a lot of work just to set up a tank and maintaining it properly can be a nightmare. It is sort of one of those old video games where you can’t save your progress, one little mistake and it’s game over, you have to start all over again. At least with video games you only pay for the game once and you just lose some time and your nerves, but with marine aquariums you have to buy new fish every time. There is in fact an easier way for beginners and the busy, hard workers amongst us hobbyists and that is a tank that is set up and ready to use straight out of the box, just add salt water and live rock, wait a while and you are ready to go. You don’t have to be particularly handy with tools and good at assembling things and hooking up electronics, almost all of the work is already done for you with the Red Sea Max aquarium.

This marine aquarium is glass with rounded edges and has a volume of 130 liters, more than enough for a stunning display that will fit perfectly in any room of the house, provided you find a solid base to support the substantial weight. The hood has three separate access panels:

Filter panel – located in the back and allows easy access to the protein skimmer.

Front panel – full width panel, opening one third of the total length of aquarium and folds back revealing a working surface that can hold all the different accessories for feeding and monitoring.

Full access panel – raises the entire hood, securing it at an angle which gives the user full access and full visibility of the entire tank when aquascaping and during regular maintenance

When the Red Sea Max is turned on, the water in the aquarium circulates 10 times an hour. All of the equipment, that you would usually need to install and arrange in some sort of compartment below the tank itself, is housed behind a smoked glass divide that keeps it’s mechanical components hidden from sight so as not to detriment the overall aesthetics of the corral and fish on display. The components that are integrated into the system include:

Reef lighting – dual 55 watt T5 power compact lights and moon glow LED nightlights with a built-in 24 hour programmable lighting timer, located in the hood

Removable inlet filter comb – with adjustable shutter, used for surface skimming
Two-stage mechanical filter

Professional high capacity protein skimmer – with a 1200 liters per hour pump and heater with a thermostat

Biological and chemical filtration compartment – fully equipped

Twin circulation pumps – with adjustable dual outlet jets for optimizing water currents

Water chiller – optional

All of the above components are connected to a built-in power center that is splash proof, allowing only a single cord to portrude from the tank and making it very easy to hook up to a power outlet. There is an external control panel, accessed by opening the small door on the side of the tank, and it contains buttons that allow each separate component to be turned on or off. The door has nice little white symbols of the various components that are affected by the corresponding buttons, thus allowing even a small child to efficiently manipulate the marine aquarium. The Max also comes with a detailed guide on reef keeping and for just a little bit extra money you can get the Max starter kit which contains all the necessary feeding and monitoring accessories you will need.

Those of us who don’t have too much time to spend on our hobbies and want the precious few hours we have to ourselves to be fun and relaxing, not boring and tedious, where it feels like it’s just more work. The best thing about the Red Sea Max aquarium is that we don’t have to worry about buying and setting up all of the equipment, so all of our free time can be spent doing what we love – finding the best fish and reef-scaping. All in all it is a brilliant product that will save you a lot of time and energy, and that even the uninitiated can be trusted with in your absence.

If you want to find out more about other types of aquariums, check out our fish tanks selection.

Outdoor Water Features - Great Way To Cope With Stress

Today, in this hard economic climate, work is stressful enough to create health conditions that would entail much healthcare cost. Hence, a good solution would be engaging oneself in relaxing hobbies like caring for pets like fishes, having a backyard pond or even an aquarium.

Perhaps you have noticed that Asians are fond of water elements in their home or office setting. Many Japanese homeowners maintain a beautiful Koi pond in their backyard because they find it relaxing to watch bright colored Kois. It can be a truly relaxing experience enough to relieve you from daily stress.

Another great way to cope with stress is pursuing aquascape as a hobby. The water is an important element and Feng Shui is a term that translates to “wind water” and defines the Asian practice of harnessing the energy (“chi”) of a location for maximum prosperity. Using the ancient secrets of Feng Shui to balance your home can help alleviate stress, remove obstacles and invite harmony.

Can you really imagine such a balance in the environment, today?

Just gazing at a refreshing waterscape such as mini waterfall can refresh you from a hard day at the office. You may even find yourself listening to the gentle gurgling of water that drips from rocks. Even gazing at the fluid movements of fish in the water can make you fall asleep.

If you are looking for a water feature that will make your garden pond look both sophisticated and very beautiful, if you want to make all those neighbors jealous, if you are a successful man or woman who has exquisite taste and wants to show it, then, call off the search because the Oase Pond Jet is most certainly the thing you have been seeking. This is a stationary floating fountain unit. It will fit like a glove and improve the overall look of your garden wherever you put it, and if you have any problems with dirty surfaces or ponds that you cannot remove the time has come to stop worrying about it. Just install the magnificent Oase Pond Jet on these surfaces, put an easy chair at a desirable distance from it, sit down, relax, and enjoy the show.

Let’s now go into the details and specifications of this remarkable product.
  • The Oase Pond Jet has a 12000 liters per hour pump. The maximum height that the spray of water can reach is 3.5 meters in height and 3 meters in weight. If you think about it, this is extremely high. The demotions of the product are 670mm x 540mm. The maximum head of the water is 7.7 meters. It weighs 9kg, and the voltage used is 230V/50Hz. The place where you should connect the water hose is an inch wide in diameter. With it you get a 20 meter cable. Now, these are all just numbers, but, if you compare these numbers to the specifications of another product like this, you will eventually find out that the Oase Pond Jet is better than most (if not the best) of its competition.
  • This product comes completely ready for installation. This means that you don’t have to worry about the whole process of combining parts and components in order to get it working. The best place to put it is a natural pond or some kind of lake, or even at places where the depth of the water is too big.
  • The process of installing the Oase Pond Jet is rather easy, with just a small amount of money spent for necessary cost. Of course, a simple and easily comprehensible guide is supplied within the package. Having said this, it is natural to conclude, that you don’t have to have a permanent spot for it. If you are dissatisfied with the place you put it after some time, simply install it somewhere else. You can also use it just for special occasions like fancy dress parties, weddings, birthdays, any kinds of performances, and so on. It will definitely make you feel good about yourself when all of your guests start complementing you and your magnificent garden.
  • The Oase Jet Pond Illumination Set is sold separately, but it is strongly recommended that you consider acquiring this as well. With it you get loads of fascinating light effects at night. When this add-on is installed I can guarantee that you will be spending more and more time in the garden, just sitting and enjoying the very beautiful display in front of you. You will find that friends and family are stopping by your house more frequently, just to drink a cup of coffee in the garden, but we all know that, besides a healthy conversation with you, they came to relax near the water and enjoy the futuristic light and water effects.
  • The minimum water level required for the Oase Pond Jet is 1 meter if the water is clear, and 1.5 meters if the water is rather muddy. The illumination functions like this. You have three 50 watt halogen spotlights marked Oase – Laguna 10, and they are connected to UST 150 transformer which are located under water. As a result you get fantastic illumination of the patterns that the spray of water makes.
  • Within the complete package you get the pump, the float, the nozzle, the dual function nozzle which gives you the opportunity to connect even more nozzles. The lights are sold separately, as mentioned before, but for your pleasure it is highly recommendable that you complete the set by purchasing them too.
In order to show how this product looks like when it is installed properly here are some pictures:

Without lights:

With lights:

In conclusion, is perfect for sitting in the garden during the summer and relaxing with this product near you. It is definitely what you deserve after a long day of work. It is most certainly at the top of the list of outdoor water features, and it has certainly satisfied many customers in the past. Now, it is your turn.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Yasha Nano Reef Tank

For most people the word aquarium simply means an overgrown fish bowl. They think of it as simply pouring some tap water into a glass container and filling it with a bunch of cool-looking fish. However, there are people out there who can appreciate the finer things in life, and know how to relax and enjoy the colorful nature of the world around them. If you are one of those people, I can tell you that there is nothing you can set up in your home that will bring a sense of serenity and put a smile on your face quite like a nicely decorated marine aquarium. The most beautiful and awe inspiring of these are reef aquariums, with their plethora of colorful corals and various exotic sea creatures.

If you have seen pictures of huge, wall mounted aquariums and lamented over the fact that you could never afford such beauty, than the Yasha Nano Reef Tank is perhaps just the right thing for you. It is, as its name suggests, a smaller, budget friendly version of its big reef aquarium brothers, and is one of the best and most popular models on the market. It can hold a few sea creatures and fish, but the main focus of a tank, with the size of 36 liters, are the actual live corals themselves. It is designed to best showcase these magnificent corals, without consuming too much space in your house, or in your office.

The Yasha Nano Reef Tank has a maximum capacity of 36 liters, it weighs 15 kg (empty) and it measures 40cm by 30cm by 30cm, so as you can see it really doesn’t take up a lot of space. It can be easily installed in your living room, even if you don’t have a great amount free space – simply put it on a small table, a counter or even in a corner. You could put it in your office to brighten it up with some colour, and it goes well with other room decorations and furniture. It fits both the modern and more traditional interior decorating styles. There are of course larger models if space isn’t an issue, but they do cost more.

In terms of equipment, the Yasha Nano Reef Tank has a rear filter compartment with two components. First there is the Turboflotor Blue 500 protein skimmer, a very important part of the aquarium – it removes decomposing organic compounds before turning into nitrogenous waste. The protein skimmers main task is basically keeping everything inside the aquarium alive and happy. The second component in the filter compartment is the NanoProp 5000 stream pump with an adjustable output ranging from 2000 to 5000 l/h. This reef tank is of a solid construction and compact size, and will remain in perfect working condition  for years, even decades if proper care is taken. It can, as it is often the case with beautiful reef aquariums, remain a treasured household item for the generations to come.

In order to better showcase the beauty of the live corals, the Yasha Nano Reef Tank includes three Aquasunspot LEDs, each giving 9 watts of light at a 14.000 Kelvin colour temperature. This keeps the water at an optimal temperature for the organisms living inside, but also helps illuminate the whole reef tank with intense light providing you with an astonishing display that everyone will admire. One must experience the sight of this aquarium sitting atop a table in a dark room to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the intricate shapes and vivid colours of the corals and tropical fish. It is quite something to gaze at as ones mind drifts of, a sort of zen moment you can have a few times during the day as you relax, and put your worries on hold.

All in all, if you are looking for something that will liven up your room and bring some colour and style into your life, but you don’t have the space, time and money to invest in a large fish tank, then you should definitely start your home decorating journey by looking into the Yasha Nano Reef Tank 36L model. It is sturdy and compact, user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and it will only cost you $595, which is quite good as nano reef tank prices go.

OASE Aquamax Eco Pond Pump

OASE has been making the Aquamax range for about almost two decades now, and their products have only become increasingly efficient over the years. They are great at displacing the dirt and muck, and this really is their  main task - sucking muck from the pond and displacing it from the pump into the filter. The Aquamax Eco pump has a big, semi-globular cage with some generously sized holes – each hole is about 10mm in diameter. Anything getting sucked in there will get pumped up to the filter with ease.

Because it draws from such a large area, there is no place on the cage where the pump sucks very forcefully, therefore wildlife tend not to get sucked into this particular design – which means it is good for the environment as well.

This design has two pipes, an inlet and an outlet. The pump sucks from the surface of the domed cage, as well as from the inlet pipe, which allows it to draw from two locations at the same time, while remaining situated at the bottom of your pond. There is also an optional smaller cage that attaches to the inlet via pipe, so that you can then set the inlet to draw with varying degrees of power, leaving the big cage with the smaller percentage of draw power, or disabling the suction on one end entirely. This can be useful in the winter, when the water at the bottom is relatively warm, you can set the part attached to the skimmer to draw at full power, drawing of the surface, so that the water at the bottom of the pond stays pretty much at the same temperature.

The double suction feature especially comes in handy if you have a crescent moon shaped or elongated pond – like a sort of canal, because you can draw from both ends (by attaching a length of a hose to the inlet pipe and draw it out to the desired area while the main apparatus remains on the other end). The inlet can also be attached to the skimmer, so you can actually suck water from the top of your pond, sucking away all the filth and muck, the dead leaves, dead bugs, small twigs and other materials that eventually accumulate on the surface, while at the same time drawing from the bottom of your pond as well. So by setting it fifty-fifty, you can maintain a steady suction on both the surface and the bottom.

As far as what pipework to attach to the inlet and outlet of your pond pump, using a big hose is recommended, so that you have the maximum amount of water being pumped out without pressure. Ultimately you will get more water coming down your cascade or more water being pushed through your filter.

            The Aqua Max range carries a 5 year guarantee, and you can be sure that you will still be using them for years after the warranty has expired. Most of the time, when people experience a problem with one of these pumps it is simply neglected. They install the pump and then just leave it laying at the bottom for years, without ever giving it a second thought, so it eventually gets all clogged up. Periodical cleaning of the Aquamax Eco will ensure that the sturdy little pond pump keeps on chugging along, as good as new, for years and years.

            The running costs on these pumps are really low, even the Aquamax ECO 16000, which pumps 16000 liters an hour, runs at only 170 watts. Eco models 12000 and 16000 also have “Seasonal Flow Control” (SFC) that adapts all year round to the relevant seasonal changes within the pond, and enables a circulation that is dependent on the water temperature.
They are not cheap to buy, their price range is from $900 to $1150, but in the long run they will save you a lot of money on running costs (since they will last for years with little maintenance you can expect great savings over time), and you don’t have to buy a new one every few years like some of the cheap models found in hardware stores.

So in conclusion, you get a very functional, high quality garden pond pump, with enhanced sucking capabilities, that is also very eco-friendly and saves you a ton of money in the long run. These Aquamax pumps are just one of those things for which you might have to save up and carefully plan to purchase in between various everyday expenses, but then ten years from the time of purchase you will look at the good job it’s still performing and mutter to yourself that it was money well spent.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garden Pond Filters 101

An indispensable element of sustaining a healthy ponds is by utilizing garden pond filters to keep pond water clear and sanitized. There are multiple factors continuously doing their best to turn your pond into a murky bed of debris. These factors include decaying grass, sticks, and leaves; fish excrement, and detrimental compounds like ammonia.

A dirty pond is not a pleasing sight, and if there are plants, Koi and other creatures trying to survive in there, hygienic water is vital to their continued existence and health. The best way of guaranteeing sanitary water is by using a verified garden-pond filter, or a number of pond filters together.

Now that you understand how important it is to have a superb working pond filter, you must decide which type of filter suits your pond best. Making the right choice may seem a bit perplexing; however, pond filters are classified into several key groups. First, we will decipher how to select your garden pond filter.

-Garden Pond Filter Shopping Tips

1. First, you must consider how much water needs to be filtered. If your filter is not large enough, you will inevitably have to worry about algae problems, which can turn the water environment of your pond into a hazard for the creatures living there.

2. Check vigilantly for the capacity the filter can cope with. You will find volume-measuring devices that are available through the Internet or at your local pond equipment shop to decide what size is most appropriate.

3. In essence, it is better to have a garden-pond filter that is too large than one that is too small, so if you become a bit confused always select the larger one.

-Different Types of Garden Pond Filters

Pond Skimmers
Skimmers are garden pond filters, also known as mechanical filters that require some type of screen, basket, or net to trap waste. Skimmers are normally installed around the surface of a garden-pond and drags in the top-layer of water, filtering-out floating waste like grass, sticks, and leaves. Skimmers are vital for preventing free flowing debris from ultimately plummeting to the floor of a garden-pond and putrefying. The amount of debris floating within a pond will establish how frequently the filter will be detached-from the skimmer to get rid of debris.

Biological Filters
Biological filters consist of useful bacteria inside the actual filter that sanitizes the pond water at a molecular level. In order to decompose ammonia within the fish-excrement, a biological-filter will be required. Biological filters metamorphoses destructive ammonia into nitrates, that then turns into a form of food for vegetation inside the pond.


Mechanical filters with a pond skimmer are quite efficient; however, it must be installed on the exterior of the garden-pond because it can occupy such a wide area. Therefore it is best suited for large garden-ponds. Many people prefer a combination of mechanical and biological filters. The best thing to do is to consider where you have space to install your garden pond filter and how you want the outcome to appear.

If you want to find out more, check out our pond filtration guide:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garden Water Features: Calming Influence Provided by the Fountains

Water features such as mini waterfalls and fountains provide a cool and soothing atmosphere to both the home garden and also to the office reception areas. The sound of the flowing water from the waterfall or the fountain would make the people feel as if they are in the midst of a river stream. 

By adding matching decorative features one could really convert the home garden in to a river side place. Among the different water features available, fountain water feature has been found to be most preferred one by the home owners and also by the corporate sector.

Statue fountains are actually made out of glass reinforced concrete and are capable of lasting for a life time.

These statues are available in attractive designs and if you are looking for a particular water fountain statue design for your garden, then you could look at a wide variety of statue designs that are available for selection.

Different fountain statue designs:
1. Cathedral Fountain design
2. Corinthian design
3. Bali wall fountain design
4. Maldives design
5. Two tier Taft design
6. Vernacular design
7. Three tier Versailles design

Each and every design comes with outstanding features that would provide an elegant look and feel to your garden.

Cathedral fountain design comes in the form of two arching podiums with the smaller one sitting inside the bigger arch podium. This fountain water feature design is available in two attractive colors of chocolate brown and Medium Lead. It weighs 73kg and rises to a height of 1240mm. It also comes within an inbuilt pump. 

If you are looking for a small fountain for your garden, then you could opt for the Corinthian design. This fountain design weighs 82Kg and is made out of glass reinforced concrete. This design resembles a drum being placed on top of a copper chimney. Corinthian fountain feature is available in dark chocolate brown color.

If you are looking for a fountain water feature that could either be used in your home or in your office, then you could opt for the Bali wall fountain feature

This is available in medium lead color and raise to a height of 1500mm. The design resembles a rectangular vertical wall being mounted on top of a horizontal block. Water will continue to flow along the walls of the vertical rectangular structure.

Maldives fountain water structure is another attractive design that comes in greenish bronze color and weighs 66kg. They rise to a height of 1655mm providing a beautiful spectacle to the onlookers.

Two tier Taft design is another fountain feature that could be used in both the offices and homes. It consists of two circular discs being mounted on a central tapering shaft with the bigger disc at the bottom and the smaller disc at the top. 

The water flows from the smaller disc to the bigger disc and then collects finally at the base. This fountain design is available dark chocolate color and the tapering shaft rises to a height of 1180mm.

Vernacular fountain water feature consists of a metallic sphere that sits on top of a cup shaped structure. You could have a look at the different designs and then choose a design that meets your requirements.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fish Tanks: How Do I Choose the Right Size

If you have never owned a fish tank before you may think that a smaller tank will be easier to handle than a larger one. While this may seem like good logic, the opposite is actually true - larger fish tanks typically require less maintenance than smaller tanks. There are several reasons why this is true and it is wise to familiarize yourself with the benefits of large versus small tanks before you decide which tank size is right for you. If you know the advantages and disadvantages associated with different size fish tanks you will be better equipped to make an educated decision regarding your own tank.

Large VS Small Tanks

Though it may seem strange to think that larger tanks are easier to maintain than smaller tanks, it all has to do with the water volume in the tank. Small fish tanks like BiOrb Life 30L, Fluval Edge 23L or Fluval Edge 46L, contain less water than large tanks and small water volumes are more easily affected by outside influences. For example, if the aquarium heater in a five gallon tank were to give out it would not take long for the water in the aquarium to become cold. A larger tank, for example Red Sea MAX 250 Marine Aquarium or Juwel Vision 450 Aquarium, however, holds more water and, thus, would not cool quite so quickly. The water volume in a fish tank also plays a role in maintaining stable water chemistry. As your fish excrete waste and as uneaten fish food builds up on the bottom of your tank, harmful toxins like ammonia and nitrites are produced. While in small tanks the presence of these chemicals can quickly affect water quality, large tanks have a greater water volume to dilute these toxins. This is especially important for new aquarium hobbyists to realize – the greater water volume in larger tanks is more forgiving of the mistakes novice aquarists are likely to make than smaller tanks. 

Necessary Considerations 

Aside from the basic advantages and disadvantages associated with small versus large fish tanks, you also need to consider the space you have available in your home as well as the type of fish you plan on raising. Before you bring home a fish tank you need to know where you are going to put it. The ideal location for an aquarium is somewhere visible but not in the direct line of traffic. You should also be sure to keep your fish tank out of direct sunlight or you could experience problems with excessive algae growth. When deciding where to put your tank it is also wise to select an easily-accessible location, not an out-of-the-way nook where tank maintenance might be difficult. 
One of the most important factors in deciding what size fish tank you need is the type of fish you intend to keep. If you plan to keep small species like danios and guppies, a twenty- or thirty-gallon tank will provide plenty of space. Larger species like gouramis and cichlids, however, may require more space. Before you purchase a tank, research the various species of fish you intend to keep in order to determine their tank requirements. You need to not only consider the type of fish you plan to keep, but also the number of fish. When you are first starting out in the aquarium hobby it is wise to limit yourself to one inch of fish (taking into account the adult size of the fish) per gallon of tank capacity. Following this rule will help you to avoid overstocking your tank.
Other Things to Think About 

On the more practical side of things, cost may be a large factor in determining what size fish tank you get. The larger the tank, the greater the cost will be for not just the tank itself but also for the necessary equipment. If you are looking for a way to save money while also purchasing a decent-sized tank, look for aquarium kits that include the tank and all the basic necessities. These kits are affordably priced and may cost significantly less than purchasing the tank and all the start-up equipment separately. In addition to the amount of money you are willing to spend, you also need to think about how much time you have to devote to tank maintenance. The main tasks you will need to perform are weekly water tests and water changes. The amount of time needed for a water test remains the same for tanks of all sizes but the time it takes to perform a water change varies. Though it may take longer to replace 25% of the water in a 40-gallon tank than a 10-gallon tank, the decreased capacity for a 10-gallon tank to dilute toxins makes it necessary to perform water changes more frequently than in a 40-gallon tank. 

If you are able to devote an hour or two each week to tank maintenance tasks, there is only one good reason for you to select a small aquarium over a larger one. If you are a marine enthusiast, you may find it difficult to indulge your favorite past time, especially if you live far away from the beach or may simply be too busy to visit as often as you would like.

Why not consider bringing a small part of this ecosystem into your home? 

There might be a corner of the house crying out for something to fill it; and you may already have enough pictures, flowers as well as other common decorative additions. Consider a nano fish tank; it can just be the inclusion you need, as most will allow you to get creative and use similar theme colours that already exist within your home. Fish come in different shades, and provide a variety as far as matching goes.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

BiOrb 105L Aquarium

The latest biOrb 105L aquarium was introduced at a prestigious US trade show for the pet industry in Orlando, Florida. Designed by UK-based Reef One, the biOrb 105 gained 2nd place in the Aquatics Best in Show category, voted at Global Pet Expo, the largest show of its kind in America.

Like all other biOrb fish tanks, such as biOrb 30L, biOrb 45L and biOrb 60L, the biOrb 105L aquarium uses special ceramic media to provide biological filtration, which has a surface area equivalent to the size of a football pitch. 

The biOrb 105 follows in the same footsteps as the original biOrbs, special from biOrb life collection, but expands on the size without affecting the style and elegance. This wonderful design together with its low maintenance and strong, safe construction will appeal to all age groups in both private and business sectors. Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic with a capacity of 105 litres of water and weighing 115 kilos when full, it is ideal for most types of fish keeping.

If you are interested for other biOrb life fish tanks check out our product pages:
Enjoy the quality of an intelligently designed aquarium that offers built-in features that are not found elsewhere, and an aquarium that looks great anywhere in the house. Any excess waste is collected and held in a filter cartridge at the base of the biOrb.

The biOrb 105L has an intelligent light which uses long life LEDs to automatically replicate a natural 24 hour light cycle.  The high performance Intelligent LED Light is one of the most advanced lights in the aquarium market. The Intelligent Light replicates natural daylight, with a gradual sunrise and sunset which automatically fades into a blue moonlight after the day time cycle has completed. 

For your peace of mind, the lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee.

The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass. In fact acrylic which is just over one inch thick is bullet resistant.

Acrylic has a transparency rate of 93% making it the clearest material known. Glass only allows 70% of light to pass through and thick glass always has a green tint.

Acrylic aquariums retain heat nearly twice as well as glass which means they require less power to heat.

You can keep larger species of fish in your biOrb 105 - go tropical or marine - and still enjoy the benefits of an aquarium which is simple to look after.

BiOrb 105L box package contains: biOrb 105 aquarium, 900g of ceramic media, Air stone, Filter Cartridge, Plug top 12v transformer, Low voltage air pump, Water conditioner and beneficial bacteria liquid, Fish food and Instructions.

Dimensions: Height: 24.8 inches (63cm), Width: 24 inches (61cm), Weight (empty): 10, Weight (full): 115 kg, Volume: 105L

Transformer: 12v transformer, 12 month guarantee

12V Intelligent LED light: Low voltage 12V AC Power 50/60 Hz, 3x daylight power LED's (supplied fitted), 1x Moonlight LED (supplied fitted), Built-in automatic electronic timer, Optional day-length modes, Low power consumption, 12 month guarantee

12V Air Pump: Quiet operation, 1.5m air line with 1-way valve, 1m power cable,12 month guarantee

Voltage: 12V AC, Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz, Safety Standards

The 105 liter fish bowl incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keepers. Maintenance is reduced thanks to the easy to change filter cartridge system.  

The biOrb 105L makes maintenance easy, compared to similar sized aquariums this fish tank has the biggest biological filtration system (in fact many aquariums with external filters have less biological filtration). Also the biological filtration in the biOrb 105 remains in the aquarium at all times, ensuring that filtration is not disturbed when maintenance is carried out. The biOrb offers multi-stage filtration, every cartridge contains mechanical filtration, chemical filtration and water optimizers to give your fish the ideal water conditions and keep maintenance lower for you.

If you need additional information check out our web store PondQuip - Aquarium & Pond equipment and suppliesPondQuip are specialists in the fish pond and aquarium field offering a comprehensive range of pond supplies delivered from Newcastle NSW direct to your door anywhere in Australia.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fluval Edge Aquarium - 3D Water Cube

The Fluval Edge 46L aquarium is a perfect mix of style and attractive, unique and elegant design. Fluval aquariums from Edge series are perfect solution for advanced aquarist hobbyist or relatively novice fish-keeper. 

You have to keep in mind basic limitations of small aquariums and one of the most unique aspects of the Edge’s design: the glass top, you will be fully satisfied with this piece of “nano” fish tanks family. 

The hidden glass top allows for the water level to hide above the viewing area of the tank. This creates a clean and elegant floating “water cube” effect and can suite perfectly well and look visually stunning in any room of your home or your office.

Fluval Edge aquarium is shown for the first time at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida in 2009 and that’s the world's first 3D water cube aquarium. This aquarium can be filled to the glass top, providing nice and high definition view from every angle. 

I wouldn't suggest the  Fluval Edge 23L aquarium  for goldfish because goldfish eventually grow fairly large, perfect for guppies and other colourful little fish though. 

For better understanding, check out this Fluval Edge Aquascaping tutorial with George Farmer on YouTube: 

If you position your tank at a lower level you can view the stunning effect of your fish collection from above with no equipment or wires visible.

This “nano” aquarium set comes with a hang on aquarium filter & pump. Box contains: Aquarium, low voltage LED light, Built in Aquaclear Filter(PF1), 1 x bottle Nutrafin Cycle (beneficial bacteria), 1 x bottle Nutrafin Aquaplus (tap water conditioner and User Guide). Dimensions of fish tank are 43cm w x 26cm d x 44.8cm h and total height including light hood is 59.4cm. The basic color is black and white is available at request.

The Fluval Edge filters are the world's best selling filter at the moment. Equipped with a 3 stage process ensures a clean and healthy environment for your fishes. The first mechanical stage is a foam filter which traps any particles and debris. The second chemical stage is a carbon inserts to absorb impurities and any discoloration. The third biological stage filter is a Biomax insert which helps the growth of friendly bacteria.

The Fluval FX5 aquarium filter is a monster and widely considered to be the best quality aquarium filter on the market for large fish tanks, or put it on a smaller fish tank like the Fluval Edge 23L and reduce the frequency of maintenance dramatically. 

For this aquarium you have to choose fish which are suitable for a fish tank of this size.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

BiOrb Fish Tanks - BiOrb Life 30L, 45L and 60L

Biorb fish tanks can make your home or office, fully inspired and brightened, by the unique style and creative design of these aquariums. My personal favorite collection is the BiOrb Life, available in three different sizes as square style Life 30L and portrait style Life 45L and Life 60L.

BiOrb Life aquarium collection includes the BiOrb’s advanced filtration system keeping the water clean for long time, providing a healthy habitat for fish.

For your peace of mind, the lights and pump are low voltage and are backed by a 12 month guarantee. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass.

Available in three colours White, Black and Red.

BiOrb Life 30L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 16 inches (41cm), Width: 16 inches (40cm), Depth: 9.5 inches (23cm), Weight (Full): 35kg

Biorb Life 30L Black and a new tank-mate

BiOrb Life 45L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 23 inches (58cm) Width: 15 inches (38cm), Depth: 10 inches (26cm), Weight (Full): 50kg

Finn, Halfmoon Betta in Biorb Life 45 with friends 

BiOrb Life 60L aquarium – aquarium set dimensions:
Height: 25 inches (63cm), Width: 16.5 inches (42cm)), Depth: 11 inches (28cm), Weight (Full): 65kg

60L BiOrb Life with Halfmoon Betta and WCCM's 

These fish tanks are suitable as a cold-water aquarium for fantail goldfish, guppies, neon tetras and any other small fish. If you want to keep tropical fish you can simply equipped your fish tank either with the BiOrb heater pack or the BiOrb Intelligent Heater.

For more information check out my Google+ post about BiOrb Life Aquariums or check out our web store PondQuip - Pond Supplies and Equipment.