Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Advantages of Having a Fountain

It is a very common issue if having a fountain is in any way beneficial for you. Lots would say it’s just a waste of money and time. But, water fountains do not only provide a great accent to your office or home, but also to beauty and many health benefits, believe it or not. Imagine yourself chilling in your back yard with your eyes closed, exhausted and stressed, ready for your five minutes of meditation next to your fountain. The nice sounds that the water produces may provide a sense of being in some natural environment, beneath the waterfall or next to the river flowing by. It’s all up to your imagination. In next couple of passages, I’m going to concentrate on some interesting advice and information I've got and many different benefits of owning a fountain, trying not to include only the well-known facts. Now, do me a favor and take a look at this fountain: 

Interior and exterior décor

It doesn't really meter if you’re looking for an indoor or an outdoor fountain. Adding an instant beauty to your environment is something I guarantee will happen. Whether it’s a tabletop fountain, a garden fountain or a large-wall fountain you've decided on, showing off your style and sense for decoration is surely to be provided. A wall fountain can usually be seen in an office or at some reception desk in a hotel, but I personally think it can look even better and really classy in your own home. Still, designers tend to use wall fountains as main point when arranging commercial and residential locations. Many landscapers and architects also use indoor and outdoor fountains in designing landscapes andbuildings. So, you can just imagine how it all will look when you get to decide on design issues and the placement of the fountain. It will make you feel like you have just spiced up your décor a little bit, for sure.

Five minutes of meditation

When it comes to health benefits, water fountains are something to be highly recommended. All of us have stressful moments in our lives, and to get some relief at the end of the hard day would be a really noble thing. It’s not that it will bring relaxation to yourself only, but also to the whole environment you live or work in. It can be good for your favorite room, garden, patio or office, because that’s a place you would like to relax in the most. If you do a little research to find your perfect fountain, look for the one that’s too overbearing or not producing sounds, but the one that produces nice sounds similar to the sounds of water in the natural environment. Make sure that your fountain of choice has an adjustable pump so you can regulate the flowing of the water just the way you like it.

Natural moisturizer of air

Fountains act as some kind of humidifiers or moisturizers of air in a dry room. Mechanical moisturizers often produce loud and uncomfortable sounds, but with a fountain in your room you won’t have such problems. They humidify the air while you sit or lay somewhere near and enjoy the calming sound of running water. Humidifiers can usually get mold and evoke problems you don’t need, while a fountain is filled up with water that moves constantly and it will not develop mold as often as mechanical devices. If you have plants inside your home, fountainswill provide extra humidity and help you grow your plants properly. It’s not only good for your plants, but for your animals, too. If you own a dog or a cat, they can come and drink water from the fountain whenever they want. But, always make sure that you haven’t put any harmful chemicals into the water!

Air pollution in your home

Since we happen to be living in an electronic world, there are many objects that produce negative ions in our environment. A fountain inside your home or office can improve the air and reduce the air pollution caused. Negative ions attract dust and water fountains purify the air. So, it’s not only improving your mental, but your physical health, too.


In conclusion, having your own fountain isn't such a bad idea at all. It gives freshness and beauty to your environment, whether it’s your home, garden or office. It’s such a shame that this industrial and corrupt world forces us to buy ourselves a fountain instead of already having it all. But, a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do! Maybe, purchasing a fountain is a useful investment and a fight-back to world’s constraint.


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