Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How exotic are fish? - A Rhetorical Question

Hello all, I'd like to talk to you about fish and aquariums and how much you should have them. Oh nice, I sound like a salesman - there’s a probably prosperous profession for me in the future. How annoying will I become to a great number of people? But that’s not the point. I wanted to talk about these pretty little animals because I adore them; I’m not really trying to sell anything. Sure you’re not - a sarcastic voice is heard from a few readers. Oh well...

Nonetheless, I still want to talk about them. First of all, aren't they exotic? Well, those from the sea at least. I keep watching them on National Geographic or some other channel and my amazement never eases. I can’t really find a good word that could describe this, but I’m positive you get how amazed I am. And you’re thinking to yourself – why would I care? Well, you don’t need to my friend, but just think for a second. The oceans cover most of our planet, the greatest number of species is beneath these oceans, from the smallest plankton to the greatest creatures known to man – the big blue whale – the biggest animal ever to exist, and the whales eat the plankton – an interesting circle of life, isn't it? And that’s not all – some fish live so deep that a human head will definitely explode from the pressure! Plus, the oceans are, by far, the least explored parts of the world. Who knows what else lies under that blue color  If you still don’t care, then I honestly don’t know if there’s anything that can astonish you in this world. That’s a bit sad...

After this fun fact session, let’s move on. Do you have a cat? If you do, please don’t keep any fish, or get rid of the cat... too extreme? Well, then just don’t keep the fish. You certainly know that these two are not a good combination. I made that mistake once and will not do it again, that’s for sure. If you still want to keep both of these, please consider getting a big aquarium, or at least put the small one somewhere higher. But then again, that can simply look ridiculous and still prove to be of no good. Once again, my own experience, I lost my parrot when I was a kid even though its cage was standing on the outside of the window which even my father could barely reach, but a small cat still could. The cage fell, and... you know the rest. From that day a great hatred for cats was born in me which disappeared many, many years later – with much trouble. So, the point is, keeping these two together is too much of a risk, and if it can be avoided, then avoided it should be. You have probably watched enough of Sylvester and Tweety to get the picture.

Since I mentioned aquariums, we need to talk about that too. I’m boring already? Don’t be silly. So, aquariums... Consider getting bigger ones, not only for the reasons mentioned above but because it’s just much better that way. With a bigger aquarium, you can get as many fish as you want! Okay, not literally, but you will certainly be able to have plenty. And that’s important because it’s best to start with a smaller number and move upwards.

With a bigger aquarium you will lose less room to the essentials like pumps and filters and all that stuff that keeps the water healthy and clean and great for the fish’s rich and joyous life! No, they actually just float around and do nothing, but there’s such calmness in that and grace too, when you see all of them together in harmonious movement, you cannot but feel wonderful. You can’t play with them though. Only looking, no touching unfortunately.

Please be careful with fish and be considerate. Get them everything they need – they don’t need much but they are very fragile creatures and should be taken care of. Get good fish food and feed them regularly and thus the only death among them that will eventually occur, is the natural one. If you manage that, then you can say that you've been taking good care of them. The more fish you have by the way, logically, more of them will die and you need to be prepared for that. They are small creatures and they don’t live long obviously. If that’s a problem, well, you can’t avoid it, most animals don’t live really long. Everyone loses their pet in the end - that’s simply inevitable… sad, but inevitable. Rare are the occasions when a pet outlives its owner.

On the other hand, you can get a fish pond for the outdoor, thus you’ll be able to get the bigger ones that probably live longer than the aquarium types. Regrettably, that means more work when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. But we need to clean almost everything we own, so that isn’t really going to be a problem.

Anyway, maybe I should get back to the fish once more. I told you how exotic they are, maybe I should also tell you how colorful they are? I mean, you know that, but have you thought how, because of the variety of colors  they can embellish the design of your room? If you already have many colourful pictures, statues and similar, think how the unusually colored fish will fit in with that and enrich the interior? Yes, you haven’t thought about that, pets can be used in that way to. Well, the fish at least. I hope this doesn’t sound wrong some levels...

I hope this was enough to make you want them, or if you already have them, to take better care of them. Or, if you already have them, and you do indeed take good care them, then you have wasted your time on this text. Now let me tell you something about... Nothing, that was it actually.


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