Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Order, above all – Home Design Order!

Order is the thing that keeps the world going. Everything has its order, everything operates in some order and everything can exist because it functions through order. When you disrupt the order, everything can fall into chaos. And even though we liked Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, and him saying that we should introduce a little anarchy into the established order; that simply is not the way it should be. He says it himself, finishing the previous by saying that everything becomes chaos; chaos is no good to anyone.

We humans are creatures of habit, and we need that order. That’s why it is not strange at all that we do everything in our lives in accordance with something, some order that we, or someone else established. That’s why none of us likes it when something is not in order.

The best examples are our houses. You wake up one morning and you realize your whole house is a mess. Not in the sense that it’s dirty and it smells like a hundred cats call that place a home, but in the sense that it’s simply messy. Nothing is in order and it looks like a tornado struck it. That’s when you realize that the thing you really have to do is organize all of that, find a place for everything, or to go with the same figure of speech, you put everything the way it was, before the tornado struck.

Organizing everything you have in your home can sometimes be a pain in the rear. No, scratch that, it always is a pain in the neck. Yes, I changed the idiom in this second sentence. But that is beside the point. What I was saying was how annoying organizing things in the house is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not the person who should tell you that that’s annoying. I actually love organization, because I’m a bit of a control freak. So you see my point there? No? I thought not. I wanted to say that even though I like organization, I still hate organizing when it comes to my home, and all the things in it.

Bringing everything back in order will make us feel better. The house will look better and it might even feel better itself. An inanimate object feeling something, I’m going all science fiction over here. Anyway, bringing some material things in life back to some order makes you feel good because we are creatures of order. We are creatures of habit, like I said previously, but we are creatures of order too. Who knows what kind of creatures we are as well, besides these two.

As much as we live in order, animals do too. The only big difference is that rarely something disrupts that order, because nature is a perfect mechanism. It is us who destroy that order that nature imposes on all living things. Maybe we don’t like that something else wants to impose anything on us, because we value our freedom above all, maybe we just don’t like nature being the leader... who knows, it’s not really important. The important thing is that nature doesn't do it, we do. I sense some hypocrisy there – we like order, but we don’t like the one that nature has.

It really is amazing how everything has its place in nature. That whole circle of life thing, the food chain, etc. Everyone has its place, no one goes hungry, and everything is great! If it were that way with us humans, the word utopia wouldn't signify a perfect yet an impossible world, but would denote only the former. Nothing would be impossible. Then the word impossible wouldn't even exist and we wouldn't be able to say what I just said. Hmm, interesting...

Anyway, the most astounding part of the world of nature is the life under water. Of all of nature’s creations, the ones that live in all the waters of the planet are the ones with the largest amount of order, if we can say it like that. The sheer size of that world, the number of species, everything about it surpasses almost all the rest combined. Nature is at its best down there. In the depths of the world’s oceans is the magnificence of everything that is not human. Those are the few places where no man has ever set foot. It is the kingdom of the fish, with its own order. The most amazing thing about it is how every single part of it has its place; the word order has a new definition down there, as it is pure perfection.

Maybe those are the reasons why are we so amazed with that world. Maybe it’s the order that caught our attention, who knows. I think it is the order, because like I said before, it is order that keeps us in existence and that is what makes us grow and prosper. And it stands to reason that we, who are not as perfect as nature is down there, will be full of respect for that world.

We love animals of the seas and rivers, and that is why we have them everywhere: in zoo’s, in water parks, in ponds and aquariums of our homes. We want them in our homes, as we are amazed with their perfection. Yes, we do need to feed them, keep their aquariums clean with all the pumps and filters that we buy to achieve that, but it still pays out in the end. When you embellish your aquarium with some pretty lights, put in some castles and all sorts of accessories, it makes you happy. And it really doesn't make them any less special if we have to take of them, they may be fragile and weaker than us, and they may not posses the brains like we do, but their perfection lies in something else, and I hope that I have made it very clear throughout this text and that now all of you can see that perfection.


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