Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fish, Dogs and Other Pets

Both friends and acquaintances tell me every day how great it is to own pets, to have little fluffy creatures running around your apartment, or almost static ones in an aquarium, or something similar. From cats and dogs to tarantulas and even pigs, any animal can be a pet nowadays. I’m just waiting for the day when we’ll have dinosaurs in our backyards, or is that only possible in Jurassic Park?

Nevertheless, we can own almost every type of animal on the planet, either in our homes, or in zoos. It makes no difference, they are all pets to us. Yet sure, having one in your home certainly beats visiting one every once in a while in a public place, far from your house. But, no matter where an animal was, or how cute it was, my grandmother never allowed them in our home. And we obeyed her wishes, not really because we respected her, but more because she owned the house in which we lived in and it wouldn't have surprised me really if she had had us thrown out if we hadn't obeyed.

Not having a pet in my childhood is probably the reason why I didn't really understand what is so special about having them anyway. But I was bound to change my views after hearing about them every single day. The things that occurred afterwards were bound to happen.

Now, I am a proud owner of one cute little puppy and an aquarium full of colorful fish, and besides these, I am thinking about getting another pet - haven’t really decided what kind I will get, but I’m in no rush.

It is obvious from the paragraph above that I changed my mind about having pets, and I want to tell all of you that you should, too, if you are one of those who still don’t have a pet, and who have an opinion about the subject that is negative in any way. “One of those” – it’s like I’m implying that you are bad people, but don’t sweat it, I’m not. I’m implying that you are something far worse! Just kidding – I just want to point out that you seriously need to consider stop being “pet-less”.

If you are considering it, great, it will be easy and it will make you happy. Plus, it will get you more in touch with nature and in this ugly-looking 21st century where technology is sacred, industry is the means to achieve it and nature is just a resource, ready to be consumed for the betterment of what is sacred to us. We really need to pay more attention to our surroundings. If not that much, at least you’ll be one of many who show respect for the greatest victims of modern society.

Maybe this sounds to “green” for your taste so you should just think about many other things you can gain from having a pet. Furthermore, think about how easy it will be, just like I previously mentioned. It will be easy because you have them everywhere and you have so many different kinds that it’s almost impossible not to find the one that will suit you best. Like I said before, we can own almost all species and the only ones we don’t are probably the endangered ones and the ones that are extinct – again, a little joke.

If you are like me by any chance, then fish will definitely be good for you. I haven’t found anything that is as soothing as just standing in front of my aquarium and looking at them. Add some interesting things to the landscape of the aquarium – little fish forts, algae and similar, and it’s complete. Nothing more to add... well, except for the fish of course... and a filter, a pump, and all the other gadgets that are used in a fish tank. You know all that already, I presume. Feed them regularly and there’s nothing more to do but to look at them and relax. Attach some light to the rest of the accessories and it will be even more beautiful. Just looking may sound silly to some, but you still need to try it before you can judge.

On the other hand, maybe you simply are not a fish person, maybe you want a pet that you can actually touch and play with, without it dying in your hands. I am partly like that and that’s the reason why I got a puppy, too. Dogs are a man’s best friends, aren't they? Yet, cats are still more popular. I never understood that. Yes, they are cute, and fluffy, and they can purr, and... Oh well, it seems I do understand why they are so admired. And there it goes! I know what my next pet will be. You see how easy it is?

I mentioned tarantulas before – they too can be a good choice. That is, if you are not afraid of spiders. But then again, there really is no reason to be afraid of them. They truly can do nothing harmful to people. They eat flies and other small insects. And when you think about people training lions and playing with them, an oversized spider doesn't seem scary anymore... Hey… lions? That sounds like a good idea, but is that even legal?

I’m digressing; let’s get back to fish again. I remembered. You don’t really have to keep them in aquariums. If you want something more dynamic, you can get a pond for your yard. That’s even more close to nature than aquariums, which are more downtown-small-apartment oriented. Ponds are great for all kinds of houses. And, you can also get some bigger fish, since they tend to be more active and thus more interesting. The cleaning part of this can be a bit more tiresome, but then again, you can’t get away from some sort of work, if you want to own a pet. As much as they are great companions, fun, etc., they are still a big responsibility. Always have that in mind when you are thinking about getting a pet. Now I sound like a parent… Sorry about that.


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