Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Which Pet should You Get?

Getting a pet and owning one are sometimes two equally difficult things. You have to find one that’s suitable for you and which can also feel that you are suitable for it. You have to keep it safe, clean, well fed, happy, etc. All of that together can be very complicated and not without its problems. But there is always a way to get through all these things, as there is always some way to get through anything in life. Well, except death, that one is inevitable, but I don’t want to be gloomy and morbid.

I’m actually here to talk about pets, and all that they bring and take from you for that matter. When I talk about them like that it sounds like they are your babies, and that’s not far from the truth, because babies may be cute and wonderful and we live our lives for them (if they are ours obviously) but they are still little and are developing and thus, not really smart. That may sound harsh, but that’s the way it is, because no one is born with knowledge, you earn that through life. But that matters not, as they give us unconditional love, and that’s all we need really.

For starters, getting a pet can really be problematic. Thankfully, most people don’t have a problem with having a place to get one, or enough money for it, the real problem is choice. There’s too much of it! Choosing is really a problem. Not always, when you have set your mind on a specific pet before even deciding to get one, then you are fine. But when you haven’t, that will be a problem. It’s best to always start with the regulars, like dogs and cats, maybe parrots, and if they don’t suit you, then you move on to something else. But I guess that in general, people buy these the most, and fish of course. People with snakes, pigs and something like that are actually rare. And, if you want to get a lama, or something even weirder, it’s ok! I guess everyone is entitled to their own wishes, no matter how strange they may be. But who am I to judge...

Now you have bought a pet and it’s done. Well it’s not. You cannot go with the “it’s so fluffy I’m going to die” thing. Yes, you can actually, but it’s not all just fun. There’s a lot of work to be done, and a lot of work to be continuously done as long you have that pet! I mean, it never stops. You have to be prepared for that. If you are not ready to devote a few hours a day to it, then just revert to step one: picking the pet, and just don’t even pick it! Leave the poor animal alone and go find something else to amuse you, because this is not only for fun. Do I have to state that further? I think I was clear enough.

If you got a dog, you have to train it, if you got a cat, well you can’t train it as that will be tough to do. If that’s not something you can do, get a trainer – you can’t leave your animal by itself. It is a pet. It depends on a human in all aspects. If you let it run wild, it will be wild, and you’ll have a wolf or a wild cat on your hands. That won’t be pretty, so please avoid that by preventing it before it even happens.

If you got fish, they won’t give you problems. I prefer them the most as their needs are simple and easily taken care of. They are not “fluffy” but they are other things of course. They are for looking and contemplating. By this I mean that, just like long showers can get you to think about a lot of things, fish too can do that too. Or, it can even go the other way round, they can get you to stop thinking and just relax and enjoy that time. A special kind of animals, these fish are. It is truly amazing. Of all the pets, they are the only ones that can indirectly do this for you. Maybe they are not the only ones, but they are the only ones known to me.

By telling you that, I think that I can also tell you that fish will be the best choice for you if you don’t want to spend much of your precious time on your pet. All these little bundles of joy need is an aquarium, filled with clean water. You have pumps, filters and similar things which will help you keep that water clean. So that won’t be a problem at all. Get them some good food a few times a day and that’s all that you need to give them. I even love to watch them feed, they are not messy like other bigger animals can be, fish are neat actually. This is yet another wonderful thing about them.

Further on, you can also embellish the aquarium. By this I mean getting different sea plants, some cliché castles and towers, and some sand at the bottom, and you are set. The aesthetic part is finished and you have yourself a wonderful decorative addition to your home. You see, fish can also be good for that. So many practical applications for them, it is truly amazing.

I don’t want to go on any further as I have told you what I wanted to tell you. I tried going for different animals, but I really can’t, I will always go back to fish, it’s unavoidable. I tried to suggest different kinds, but as you can see, I can’t even stick with that, I got back to fish anyway. But it’s alright I guess, if you don’t want them, don’t listen to me, go and get yourself whatever it is that you are looking for!


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