Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nature in Your Home Makes You More Human than You Have Ever Been Before

Many people who are about to design their homes in different ways are breaking the rules of traditional design and opt for something new. Of course, it is always better to think of your own way to design and decorate your home, but there are several more general „patterns” that will help you during the process. You can, for example choose this well-known pattern of a traditional house. In that kind of house you will have a lot of wooden furniture, a fireplace, old rugs and vintage wallpapers. Of course, a rocking chair is an inevitable addition to that sight. You can also choose a pattern of a more „modernistic” house. Many young couples pick this one. It includes predominantly white walls and and a lot of stylish, unusual furniture. In this article I would like to write about one approach to home design and that is a „naturalistic” approach. As you may guess, it includes a lot of elements that resemble nature. But they need not only resemble it, they can be nature itself in your home. You, probably, have already thought of one or two of those elements. But there are several, and even those you have thought of have many different classes and versions. So, let's start with nature.

Do not sleep with the fish – let the fish sleep with you

The first thing I want to talk about are aquariums. Many people love fish and their aquariums are not really there for decoration, but they are indeed a very important part of it. When a guest enters your living room, the first thing he will notice is your aquarium and the fish moving in it. The only way to make it more noticeable is to take good care of it. However, cleaning it, changing its water and feeding the fish is not enough to make your aquarium look beautiful. There are certain ways to decorate it and make it more unique, and I am going to write about a few of them. First of all, the shape of the tank itself should be taken under consideration. If your room is full of cubical elements with sharp edges, then your tank should be like that. It would be the best if you can fit it somewhere so that it covers the empty space between your bed and your wardrobe, for example. But, if your room is filled with pillows and different not-so-square-shaped objects, there are tanks that will fit that kind of environment as well. You have probably seen those oval ones in cartoons, where usually only one fish is being kept. But these kinds of tanks can be a lot bigger.

Furthermore, they need not be oval necessarily. There are ones which are square shaped with blunt edges that will also fit perfectly to that kind of environment. The next thing that will make your aquarium more beautiful is lighting. You can choose a variety of colors and add them to the bottom of your aquarium thus making it a beautiful colorful paradise. It is also very interesting to have neon lights in there while all other lights in your house are turned off. If you want to support this „natural” approach, there are also light-bulbs that are environment-friendly and which will not cause any harm to nature. Of course, some tools are there to help you with cleaning your aquarium. Aquarium filters, for example, can help you a lot. It will reduce the amount of time you spend brushing and changing the water, and it will save you a lot of energy.

Spongebob Squarepants and Squidward are living at the bottom of the sea... in your aquarium

You have maybe heard of a certain type of aquarium called „marine” aquariums. As the name itself suggests, marine aquariums keep animals from the ocean and from the seas. Since the environment on the bottom of the ocean is different, this kind of aquariums require more energy and, of course, more money. There are a lot more things to look after than there are in regular fish tanks.

For example, water in marine aquariums should be salty. There are, of course, containers with salt, which can be bought at any aquarium equipment store. The salt is added to water, thus keeping the salt level always at the right amount. The second important thing is that water at the bottom of the ocean is very freezing. But technology has advanced enough to help us solve that problem as well. Devices called „Aquarium Chillers“ are also available at most shops which do that kind of trade. Those devices will keep the water in your aquarium cool enough so that plants and animals will be able to survive. Finally, organic waste may be hazardous in these kinds of aquariums, therefore, there are devices called “Protein Skimmers”, which remove that kind of waste in order to save the disaster that could happen in there. Once again, I do admit that these aquariums are really hard to maintain, but the beauty of them is unexcelled. They can fit in almost any environment, even in those that have nothing to do with nature, because things that live at the bottom of the ocean are colourful and above everything else, magnificent and beautiful.

There are also several things that can be very useful when it comes to decorating your home with nature. For example, certain fountains and sculptures can effectively give an impression of a „natural” house, but they are a topic for some other discussion. Once again, it is important to use your imagination before everything, because after all, you still want your house to be place for humans and not for some tropical lizards. Everything can be overstated, even in this kind of activity which seems to be easy and fun at first. I do not deny the fun part of it. Come to think of it, buying and owning an aquarium must be the most interesting thing I have ever done, because it fulfills my life and it makes me feel like I am human more than I ever was.


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