Saturday, June 23, 2012

Garden Water Features: Calming Influence Provided by the Fountains

Water features such as mini waterfalls and fountains provide a cool and soothing atmosphere to both the home garden and also to the office reception areas. The sound of the flowing water from the waterfall or the fountain would make the people feel as if they are in the midst of a river stream. 

By adding matching decorative features one could really convert the home garden in to a river side place. Among the different water features available, fountain water feature has been found to be most preferred one by the home owners and also by the corporate sector.

Statue fountains are actually made out of glass reinforced concrete and are capable of lasting for a life time.

These statues are available in attractive designs and if you are looking for a particular water fountain statue design for your garden, then you could look at a wide variety of statue designs that are available for selection.

Different fountain statue designs:
1. Cathedral Fountain design
2. Corinthian design
3. Bali wall fountain design
4. Maldives design
5. Two tier Taft design
6. Vernacular design
7. Three tier Versailles design

Each and every design comes with outstanding features that would provide an elegant look and feel to your garden.

Cathedral fountain design comes in the form of two arching podiums with the smaller one sitting inside the bigger arch podium. This fountain water feature design is available in two attractive colors of chocolate brown and Medium Lead. It weighs 73kg and rises to a height of 1240mm. It also comes within an inbuilt pump. 

If you are looking for a small fountain for your garden, then you could opt for the Corinthian design. This fountain design weighs 82Kg and is made out of glass reinforced concrete. This design resembles a drum being placed on top of a copper chimney. Corinthian fountain feature is available in dark chocolate brown color.

If you are looking for a fountain water feature that could either be used in your home or in your office, then you could opt for the Bali wall fountain feature

This is available in medium lead color and raise to a height of 1500mm. The design resembles a rectangular vertical wall being mounted on top of a horizontal block. Water will continue to flow along the walls of the vertical rectangular structure.

Maldives fountain water structure is another attractive design that comes in greenish bronze color and weighs 66kg. They rise to a height of 1655mm providing a beautiful spectacle to the onlookers.

Two tier Taft design is another fountain feature that could be used in both the offices and homes. It consists of two circular discs being mounted on a central tapering shaft with the bigger disc at the bottom and the smaller disc at the top. 

The water flows from the smaller disc to the bigger disc and then collects finally at the base. This fountain design is available dark chocolate color and the tapering shaft rises to a height of 1180mm.

Vernacular fountain water feature consists of a metallic sphere that sits on top of a cup shaped structure. You could have a look at the different designs and then choose a design that meets your requirements.


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