Friday, January 25, 2013

The Soothing Sound of Water

The world today is tough. Not only do you have to put in loads of hours in your work, so that you can earn the means to survive, but you have to cope with selfish bosses, irritating coworkers, bad office space, the traffic, the economy, and all that jazz. I think that this is reason enough to make your home a peaceful, beautiful, comfortable and well designed place, so that you can rest, think things through, and wake up the next day, ready to tackle every problem that comes your way. In this article I am not going to talk about what furniture to chose, how to color your walls, how to organize the lighting, what electrical equipment to choose, but I will talk about a certain aspect of home and garden design that has been around for centuries.  I will be talking about water features.

     What are water features?

The term is confused with water properties, which are connected to the temperature and chemical structure of the water. Water features are numerous fountains and ponds that can be put either in your home or in your garden, depending on the product, of course (some are designed for indoor, and some for outdoor use). They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fountains can be everything from traditional Greek statue figurines, to futuristic looking fountains that shoot beams of water that, when combined with the LED lighting that is installed within, look like a very cool light show.

Ponds can be simple – a whole in the ground with water in it, or they can come in the form a beautiful waterfall. Ponds, unlike most fountains, are ideal for keeping fish. You just have to make sure that you know the properties of the natural habitat your fish are used to by nature, and that the pond is big enough so that the fish have appropriate swimming space. This information is usually provided by the pet store where the fish are bought, or you can look for such information on the internet, of course. Then, it is all about making your pond have the same properties as the fish’s natural habitat, and there are products available in the market that will aid you in this process very much.

     Benefits for you

Apart from the fact that you will be considered as a person with taste, a water feature in your home will help you enjoy relaxation to the fullest. When you sit down near it, after a hard day’s work, at first, you will simply look at it, admire its beauty and feel proud about yourself because you have managed to purchase such a beautiful thing. Then, as your eyes start to close, the sound of water moving will make you feel like you are in touch with nature and all its magnificence. You will fall into a quality sleep, and, when you wake up, you will be good as new. This is something that I can guarantee in light of my experience, and the experience of many other satisfied water feature owners. Furthermore, this kind of thing will add value to your home, if you plan on selling it at some point in your life, and it might even pay for itself at the end. Apart from everything else stated above, a water feature, graciously displayed in your garden, will most certainly make your house stand out from all other houses in the neighborhood, and it will turn the head of each of your neighbors, as they are passing by, which will certainly make you feel good, if nothing else.

To conclude, I have already said that in this article I will not talk about the basics of home design. Actually, each individual has specific needs, so there is no such thing as a perfect home design on the market. You have to improvise, work with what you can find, and hope that it will all turn out just as you have imagined it in the end. Take everything that you have read in this piece of text as something that should be considered as a finishing touch to your home design process. So, when you get everything you need, treat yourself to a water feature, because you will not regret it.


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