Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to build a garden Koi fish pond

First, check out some inspirational water garden pond design ideas.

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Water garden Koi fish pond can be a perfect addition to any small garden as it can be constructed anywhere on the world. The most preferred fish species for pond rearing are the Koi fish and the gold-fish.

Koi species are a drum-shaped fishes with vivacious colors and have very playful behaviors from Japan. The Koi fish feeds on plants so they are kept in the pond with a few species of plants. Koi fishes are known to grow larger than the goldfish so they need quite a bigger pond as compared to the gold-fish.

Pond Excavation and Hand Tool Tips

The location of the specific pond matters a lot as it should be kept away from the sun so look for a place with a shade. If you prefer building it under a tree, make sure that the tree does not shed its leaves more often as it can end up being quite messy. Dry leaves tend to interfere with the ponds PH which can be detrimental to your fishes. A location which is surrounded by a wall is most preferred. Select a location less prone to flooding run offs as they tend to contaminate the water supply.

How To Install A Garden Pond - Real Life Examples

The pond designed for Koi species should have a capacity of less than a thousand-gallon and be over three feet deeper. Before you find out how to build Koi fish garden pond, you must keep in mind that this species of fishes require caring plus savings. If you cannot allocate time aside, make sure you can hire someone to do that. The first thing you should do is list down all the required pond equipment and find out their prices in your local pond equipment and supplies store.

Garden ponds are more than just water. They are biologically active habitats for flora and fauna. Ponds are subject to constant change through the seasons. However unlike natural bodies of water, garden fish ponds are limited in their capability to regulate their biological balance on their own. So, you're ready to start working on your own water garden feature and you have to keep in mind just a few things as pond lights,  pond filters and pond pumps.


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